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Craig E. Carnick CFP®

Craig E. Carnick


Craig E. Carnick, CFP®, Chairman Emeritus and Managing Director, has been providing sound financial counsel for over four decades. Craig received his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 1982 and participated in many of the foundational developments of the financial planning profession. Over the decades, one of Craig’s goals has been the long-time advocacy for all investment professionals to universally adopt the fiduciary standard. Craig’s acumen has been evidenced by published comments in Money, Worth, The Wall Street Journal, Black Entrepreneur, Physicians’ News, USA Today, Financial Planning and Barron’s. Craig has also appeared on numerous radio and television presentations addressing financial issues.

In a world where the term “financial planning” has become intentionally blurred by those organizations who are really in the business of selling financial products… and only use the term “financial planning” to disarm the unwary client… Craig has focused on comprehensive planning for 35 years. This is the long-term process of working with clients over the broad range of personal, financial, business, family, and community issues. In the process, the financial planner becomes the client’s personal CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Craig’s long dedication to the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) further demonstrates his commitment to the highest standards.

Craig is married 55 years to his high school sweetheart, Judy. In addition to sharing a love of dressage horses with Judy, Craig is a jazz aficionado (especially hard bop), a skilled photographer and an experienced PADI dive master who wishes he could spend far more time in the warm waters of the southern latitudes. Craig’s car license plate reads “1K DVR”.